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Disney On A Budget

Have you ever dreamed of taking your family to Disney but just don't see it in the budget? Last month my sister and I took our girls to Disney and had a wonderful time on a budget! First I would reccomend planning it 6 months- 1 year out. That will give you time to find the best deals for your family!

Let's start by talking about flights! This past year a friend shared with me the airline Frontier. If you haven't used them you are waisting to much money elsewhere! They were fabulous! We flew from Atlanta to Orlando round trip for 5 of us and our total was $464! We did not buy checked bags but bought a carry on bag! The carry on was big enough for a weeks worth of clothes and your still allowed a personal bag! We all brought backpacks and ended up with plenty of room even with souviners! Throughout the year they run crazy good specials! I've seen $25 round trips to certain destinations! Make sure and go to their website and sign up to recieve promotions!

Lets talk transportation! In Atlanta there are tons of places to park. If you choose to park at the airport your looking at $150 for a week of parking at the minimum (nuts huh?) We parked at a hotel less than 5 minutes from the airport and paid $30 for a whole week! They have shuttles that run to and from airport all day every 20 minutues! A good app to find parking is spot hero! While in Orlando we wanted our own ride. So I spent months searching the best deal! We ended up getting a Hynduai car (it was almost new) from Alamo for 6 days for $125. Most hotels in Orlando have shuttles to and from airport and parks so if your fine with no vehicle you can have even more savings!

Let's talk Hotels! My family has a timeshare with Westgate. Our home location is Gatlingburg. So to use it in Orlando is an $850 transfer however about twice a year they send out promos to exchange for $50! So my hotel cost me $50!! I know most may not have a timeshare but to save on hotels I would reccommended finding a hotel not at disney but one that has a shuttle to and from the parks unless you like to pay $25 a day for parking!

Let's talk about tickets to all the parks! If your like me you want to spend all week at the parks enjoying every penny you spent! I spent 6 months or more checking a site called They run amazing deals all year at certain times! The tickets I got last year I saved $150 total a person for all 4 days! We payed less then $300 a person for 4 days in the park! It's all about planning!

Let's talk extra ways to save! We had a Walmart directly across from our hotel! The first night there I went and got groceries and snacks for the week! We cooked breakfast every morning at the hotel. We packed our backpacks daily with waters,snacks and lunchables. We may have gotten 1 Icee at the park throughout the week. That's a ton of savings alone! At supper time we usually ate out,all though no where fancy bc lets face it Chick-fil-a is life when you have kids! We spent no more on food for the week then we would of had we of been at home! Want extra savings? The kids all ask for money and gift cards for disney at Christmas time so they loved getting to use their money for starbucks or cotton candy! If your like me and think oh we all need matching shirts! I couldn't agree more! Etsy is your best friend! Contact a shop who has the shirts you love and most will cut you a great deal for doing so many with them!

I hope my tips help you to have a budget friendly magical time at Disney! After all we all deserve to go to Disney and I would love nothing more then to help someone get there! Life is to short not to enjoy it! Take the trip you've always dreamed of!

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